On The Way to Masculinity

The first image is a French postcard from 1911 showing two women wearing the ‘jupe culotte’ of the Margaine-Lacroix type (rather than the Poiret harem pant type). I found it via Google Images ages ago but have forgotten where it came from in the first place! The second image is by George Barbier for Le Bon Ton, 1914, and shows a suit by the House of Redfern, renowned for its tailoring and an early pioneer of the concept of fashionable sportswear (as opposed to clothing for sport – a fine if confusing distinction!) The third image is a toque hat from La Parisienne, Winter 1913-14. Not quite an aerophane bow, but a lace dragonfly is just as good, I think! Both these images are from Wikimedia Commons. The final image, the satirical postcard, was found on Ebay. As a 100-year old published image it is in the public domain.

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